Your roof plays a very important role in the protection of your home. It ensures that the elements stay outside the home while also saving you money on your energy bill when properly insulated. Oh, it’s no small consideration that the condition of your roof will have a huge effect on the value of your home.

Considering what you have on the line, you should have some understanding of how important it is for you to properly maintain your roof. If you have any doubts at all, here are the top five (5) benefits you can derive from having a well-maintained roof.

Note: You should consider guttering to be an extension of your roof.

1. Prevents the accumulation of water on your roof

Water and moisture are enemies of your home. If water were allowed to accumulate on your roof, it will slowly start seeping into the foundation of your home. The foundation includes the ceiling, walls, and eventually the flooring.

It’s important to make sure that all of your roof’s shingles and or tiles are in good shape. If even a single one is broken or missing, water would most likely start seeping in and accumulating under the roof. That would very likely result in eventual leakage into your home’s structure.

There are two things you can do to ensure your roofing is in good shape. First, you should employ the “eyeball” test. That would require you to step far back from the home and look at the roof. If anything were to look out of order, you should look into the potential issue sooner rather than later.

The second thing you can do is call a top roofing company like ours. We would be happy to come out and do a full inspection of your roof. It would be prudent to do this at least two (2) times a year.

2. Improves your home’s curbside appeal

A good-looking roof on a good-looking home will always catch the eye of passersby. Conversely, a good-looking home with a roof that does not look well-maintained can be a major eyesore.

In communities where Homeowners Associations rule the roost, maintaining a good-looking roof is required. They strictly enforce these rules because one bad-looking roof can make the entire subdivision look like less than it should. If you don’t care about how your property looks, you can bet a neighbor or two will eventually step up and offer their thoughts on the matter.

3. Helps maintain the Resale value of your home

Any discussion about how your home looks will eventually spill over into a conversation about the value of your home. If you have any doubts about the role your roof plays in the valuation of your home, think about this.

Before you can secure a new home loan (refinance), the lender is going to require a roof inspection. The same thing is true if someone is trying to finance the purchase of your home.

If your roof does not meet certain standards, lenders and homebuyers will either say “no thank you” or require you to drastically drop your loan amount request or price. Most new homebuyers are very aggressive about this because they want some wiggle room to do roof repairs after the sale has been consummated.

4. Increases the lifespan of your roof

It’s expensive to repair and replace roofs. It’s not something you want to have to do very often. If you want to increase the lifespan of your roof, you can do that. You can do that by maintaining your roof on a regular basis in the best ways possible.

Here is what you have to consider. It’s much easier and less expensive to do regular maintenance on your roof. Doing so allows you to take care of little problems before they can become big problems. If you neglect to address the little problems, there will come a time when your entire roof will need to be replaced, and that could get expensive.

As a point of reference, the average cost to replace an entire roof is about $8,300 up to as high as $12,000, depending on the size of the home. Keep in mind, roof repairs might cost as little as a few hundred dollars. The difference is quite stark, would you not agree?

5. Protects your home’s foundation

As was mentioned earlier, your roof’s primary role is to protect the rest of your home’s foundation. If roof leaks were to occur, here are some of the ways your home’s foundation might suffer from roof leaks:

  • Water could seep into the walls, causing rot and requiring drywall replacement
  • Furniture and flooring could sustain water damage, requiring repair or replacement
  • Insulation damage, requiring replacement
  • Fire and shock hazard due to a damaged electrical system
  • Safety issues related to water in unexpected places

Choosing the Right Roofing Company

Unless you fancy yourself as a DIYer who can handle any home repair, the best way to ensure your roof is well-maintained is to strike up a good relationship with a reputable roofing company like ours. A good roofing company will be happy to do periodic inspections and handle repairs on your behalf.

Here are some of the things you should look for when searching for a reputable roofing company:

  • Select a well-established local company that knows the local state/county/city regulations
  • Make sure the roofing company is state-licensed and properly certified
  • Make sure they are maintaining insurance and bonding
  • Ask for references and read customer reviews
  • Get all work laid out in a contract
  • Only select roofing companies that offer proper warranties and customer guarantees

The information we have provided about should serve as proper motivation for you to keep your roof well-maintained. If you do so, you’ll save yourself lots of headaches in the future while protecting the value of your property.

If we can be of assistance with inspections or roof repairs, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.